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Sanita OsipovaSanita Osipova. Foto no: NRA.lv

Satversmes tiesu turpmākos desmit mēnešus vadīs Osipova

The fellow judges have elected Sanita Osipova , the current deputy head of the Constitutional Court , as the sole candidate, as the sole candidate. Osipova will lead ST until August 17, 2021.

InfoTOP.lv , using Latvian media materials

Osipova has been elected Chairman of the Supreme Court for the term remaining for the former head of the Supreme Court Ineta Ziemele, who has moved to the Court of Justice of the European Union since October 3, sitting in a chair vacated by Egils Levits after becoming President.    

According to the rules of procedure of the ST, Osipova must sign an order within three days, which will convene a court hearing for the election of the deputy chairman of the ST, but the Saeima will now have to decide on the appointment of a new ST judge.

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